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BOOKING TIMES Friday & Saturdays  :

If you want to Book your Table for Friday & Saturdays - we can only take Bookings from 7.30pm or Later . This allow us to give the Best possible service available & we hope to maintain this Booking slot for a long long time to come ( This Booking slot does not apply from Sunday to Thursday - Closed on Tuesday  )


Sams Chinese Restaurant Terms & Conditions : 

Our New restaurant will be serving an  À la carte menu  only , similar to other Chinese in Harlow - we will no longer do our Banquet Menu  but a House Sam's Special Set Meal & we hope people will still support us & i promise to do my utmost to give everyone the Best possible service & Food  to all our Customers .

Sams Party Bookings & Karaoke Nights 

Our Restaurant can now cater for Private Bookings with the latest Karaoke System for Family Do's - Birthdays & Hen Nights etc - We have one Private Karaoke Room Upstairs for 18 people in our VIP Room & we also have a Shared Karaoke Lounge upstairs for another 18 people  so you can book the entire upstairs for 30 people for Private parties .


Downstairs seats about 55 people for meal only BUT  for Private Party Booking it can do about 70 people for Karaoke & Disco & you can rent the entire Restaurant for up to 90 people for Private Bookings & Wedding Receptions  & Private Functions . Our Karaoke system has all the Latest songs available with Disco lights etc ( also we have recently installed the Latest Chinese Karaoke Machine for the Asian Community)  making your Karaoke evening with us a memorable one .


Karaoke System & Machine :

Our Karaoke System is online & is so so easy to use & have all the latest songs available .You simply tap in the Artist or the songs you like & it pops up on screen . Everyone who has ever been to Sams Karaoke night has always been Happy with our Karaoke System & have always had a Fantastic night Singing Karaoke  with us . I wan to make Sams Chinese restaurant with a Higher standard then the average Chinese Restaurant  so we will have to Charge you slightly more  for our Service ( there is NO service Charge )  


There is a Private Room upstairs where you can Book the VIP Karaoke Room ( minimum for 10 People )  for Karaoke & Parties where you can Sing & Dance with all your Friends without disturbing others . This room is Perfect for Birthdays , Hen nights & Leaving Do's with our latest karaoke System .


Deposit Terms & Conditions for Karaoke Rooms :  

The Karaoke Rooms can be rented out ( Minimum of 10 People ) There are 2 Options  : the Platter 1 Buffet @ £26.50pp & the Platter 2 Buffet @ £30pp . You can have the room from 8pm to Midnight with Karaoke & Food & disco .  To secure your booking we need £10pp deposit asap   ( within 5 days of enquiry ) & Payment in Full 1 week from Booking Date - If no deposit is received within 5 Days of your enquiry date it is classed as an provisional Booking only & you may loose your booking slot . We also need 2 weeks notice if you want to cancel your booking otherwise you will loose your deposit .


Polite warning - You are not allow to bring your own Drinks into our Karaoke Bar - anyone caught doing so will be Fine £50 & you could be ask to leave our Premises .


We do not take Karaoke Bookings for people under 18 years old - To Book your Karaoke Room you must have an Adult present throughout the entire evening .


Special Birthday Offer : 

Book your table or Karaoke Room on Your Birthday & you can eat Free for Set meal & Karaoke Booking  only ( Id needed - Driving   / Provisional Licence or Passport  ID only )  available if Booking is for more than 2 People : This offer is only available if you pre book your table in advance & let us know it's for a Birthday .This offer is NOT available without prior notice .


Please Note - If your name is not in our Booking's Book , you cannot claim this Special Offer .


Dress Codes & Minimum Charge :

There is a Strict Dress code for Customers – we do not allow Shorts & Vest ( men ) in our Restaurant . No working Clothes is allowed ( Example Painters & Builders clothing ) & You must be smartly dressed .


There is a Minimum Spending Charge of £15pp for Dining in our Restaurant , We do not do Take Away in our Main Restaurant , Please use our Take Away Shop Golden Dragon .


Booking Your Table :

Please Book your table in advance for Fridays & saturdays from 7.30pm or later . Although we honour your Booking BUT we can refuse your table if you Break our Dress code or you are under age & we also reserve the RIGHT to refuse serving you without explanation .



Children & Babies welcome on Sundays only :
Children are age 14 and under.

Children under 14 years old are welcome on Sundays after 5pm (  it's a Family Day  )  Children under 10 Years old  is 1/2 Price for Set Meals  -  You're Welcome :) 


We do not advice ( allow ) Children under 14  years old  on any other days as it's NOT  suitable due to the small seating area downstairs . How ever if you Book for a private room upstairs or you Book the entire  main Dining room Downstairs , then obviously it is fine . I hope people will understand -  should you want to Bring your small child along  & you are unable to get a Baby Sitter , please call me in advance & i will try my Best to work something out ....


kind regards ah Sam 

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