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Karaoke Rooms with Food :

Our VIP Karaoke Rooms can seat 15 people & we also have a Karaoke Lounge next to it that does another 15 people . You can also Book both rooms for up to 30 people .The most popular option is the Platter 1 Buffet meal @ £26.50pp & the Platter2 Buffet @ £30.00pp - this will include food and the Full use of the private Rooms from 8pm to midnight ( Friday & Saturday ) depending on the size of the Party Bookings I can give you the Best deal available - to secure the Booking we would need £10pp deposit within a week and Payment in FULL 2 days before the BOOKING DATE but if you have any difficulties collecting the Balance , please let us know & we might be able to accept the Balance in Full on arrival before we served you the Food . If you need further information please call or email me .

The Platter 1 Buffet with Karaoke is £25.00pp

The Platter 2 Buffet with Karaoke is £30.00pp

Upstairs VIP Karaoke Room : Seats upto 15 People

Upstairs Karaoke Lounge : Seats upto 15 People

Downstairs Main Karaoke Dining Room : Seats up to 60 People



Terms & Conditions :


Deposits and Payment :

To Secure your Booking we would require a £10pp deposit ( non refundable- unless given 2 weeks notice for cancellation ) and Payment in Full 2 Days before your Booking Date . If no Deposit is received within 4 Days from Enquiry Date , it is classed as an Enquiry only until the Deposit is received & you may lose your table Booking. To pay your Deposit please call 01279 412666 / 410606 after 6pm or if you so wish you can come to the Restaurant to Pay your Deposit & we will gladly show you around our Venue .

If you Booked your Karaoke Room , you must Pay your deposit within 5 working days otherwise it's NOT a Guarantee Booking .

Please Note : If you have Booked like more than 2 months in advance , then to secure your Booking we will only need £50 up front and then follow the above procedure with a month from Booking Date.


Tel 01279 412666 / 410606

website :

Dress Codes & Minimum Charge :

There is a Strict Dress code for Customers – we do not allow Shorts & Vest ( men ) in our Restaurant . No working Clothes is allowed ( Example Painters & Builders clothing ) & You must be smartly dressed .

There is a Minimum Spending Charge of £15pp for Dining in our Restaurant , We do not do Take Away in our Main Restaurant , Please use our Take Away Shop Golden Dragon .


Booking Your Table :

Please Book your table in advance for Fridays & Saturdays from 7.30pm or later . Although we honour your Booking BUT we can refuse your table if you Break our Dress code or you are under age & we also reserve the RIGHT to refuse serving you without explanation .


Parking For Customers :

Parking is available in Wayre Street Car Park & is Free after 5pm – We are next door to Harlow Libary .


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01279 412666


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